Writer Frequently Asked Questions

Should I work from home?

Do I need to send an SASE?

What should I write about?

Do I need to double space my work?

What is the best writing advice?

What specialties can I make for Thanksgiving?

What can I do to get back in the mood to write?

How can I find the time to write?

Where can I get ideas?

If I publish my own book, will they send it to the bookstores?

How many pages is a data sheet?

How do I find a unit price of an item?

Are bullets useful in a white paper?

How do I write for a CXO-level audience?

How do I make my hero interesting?

How much text should I include on a slide?

How do I write for a technical audience?

How can I tell if a watermelon is ripe enough?

How can I make my own Easter candy?

What is condensed milk?

How does shoplifiting affect Christmas profits?

How can I make watermelon designs?

How can I make my own gift tags?

What is the right length for a white paper?

What´s it like being Santa?

Should I create my own graphics?

How can humor reduce stress?

What kind of license plates are available in my state?

How can I encourage my teen to wear his or her glasses?

What are Christmas smells?

When was the first bicycle invented?

How can I create my own poetry?

How should I write thank you notes to my wedding guests?

How can I cover my tracks when I´m on a computer?

How can I console a child with no father?

How can I cure boredom?

How can I make my own boxes?

How can I celebrate St. Patrick´s Day?

What are nickels really made of?

How can I give my pet first aid?

How can I enter a watermelon spitting contest?

How do I handle Easter dinner?

How can I make my own wedding gown?

Is coffee in the morning really necessary?

What happens to a shoplifter?

How do I create a New Year´s Eve party?

How can I use pecans in crafts?

What is a good writer´s site for newspaper writers?

What can I do if I think my mate is cheating?

How should I decide on a guestbook?

How can I plan a Civil War Reenactment?

How can I let people know I am an author?

What can I do to get into a writing mood?

How do I live with an alcoholic?

How can I create a bonus to add to my auction item?

Can I get designer lenses without a prescription?

How can I bake beans?

How can I find a fortune in old typewriters?

How can I follow someone without getting caught?

How can I include those who can´t come to the wedding?

How can I take great Easter pictures?

What can I do with safety pins?

How much is money worth now?

Is poetry a good seller?

What does it cost to raise a dog?

How can I meet someone new?

How can I make my own wedding decorations?

Is there a Gay and Lesbian Parade day in your area?

How can I uninvite children to my wedding?

Where can I find a place to get married?

Should I work with my source to edit the article before sending it to

Why does no one appreciate my writing?

How can I make unusual candies?

How can I write to a celebrity in jail?

How many marriages take place on Valentine´s Day?

What´s the perfect gift?

What should I write about?

How can I display my wedding photos?

How can I have a great barbecue?

What are some good watermelon recipes?

What kinds of presents can I give for Father´s Day?

Who should I invite to the wedding?

What kind of wedding present can I give?

How can I have a gorgeous wedding on a budget?

What do I do when I don´t feel like writing?

Why do I need to read what they´ve already published?

Where can I find Easter clipart?

How can I keep flowers fresh?

How can I preserve flowers?

What are the Girl Scouts doing in my area?

When is National Child Abuse Prevention Month?

How can I make a low-cost seasonal gift?

What are some holiday turkey tips?

Why would I want to fly?

How can I learn to play the drums?

How can I tell if my child is autistic?

How can I encourage more fun at work?

What´s the best way to beat my opponent?

Where can I find things to sell at an online auction?

What´s a Santa business?

What is the religious side of Easter?

How can I have a cheap wedding that doesn´t look cheap?

Why do people dumpster-dive?

How much does it cost to restore an antique car?

Where can I double coupons?

How do I save my wedding cake?

How can I cure acne?

Is Valentine´s Day a popular proposal day?

Who celebrates the telephone?

Why should I learn sign language?

How can I fix a zipper?

How can I write a good auction winner´s letter?

Where I can find a place to participate in karaoke?

How can I take care of my lawn?

When do we celebrate taking our daughters to work day?

How safe is my city playground equipment?

Why should I leave a business card to an online buyer?

How do you treat diabetes?

How does aluminum affect our health?

Should I write a story like "Harry Potter"?

Should I send a letter back to the editor?

Will conferences help me to sell my books?

What are some great photo ideas for our wedding?

What gifts can I give to my wedding party?

How can I afford a wedding?

How can I plan my honeymoon?

How can I find out where my children have been on the computer?

How can my teen create his own job?

How to get assistance

When can people take their pets to work with them?

Are some charities a rip off?

How is my charity donation spent?

How can I have a free wedding?

How can I have a wedding online?

Can I be my own wedding coordinator?

Should I hire a photographer for my wedding?

What can I do with my wedding guests?

How can I help get my name known?

What do I do when it seems that everything has already been written?

Does timed writing work?

What if I can´t think of anything to write about?

Would other writers help me to write better?

Can I listen to my neighbors´ conversations legally?

How can I write an Easter card?

How can I find free packing materials?

What can I do to help an Alzheimer´s patient?

What can I do about epilepsy?

Is their an equal pay scale in my area?

How can I protect my eyesight?

Is it proper to clean my flag?

How can I teach my child math?

What are some remedies for toothache pain?

How can I describe my item for sale?

How can I keep my customers loyal?

Who can carry a gun in my city?

How did you meet your someone special?

Are there any new Easter songs?

Should you snoop on your kids?

How can I do a background check on someone?

How is my donated money used?

Where can I find a bargain?

How can I make an Easter cookbook?

How can I market my book?

What do I need to write in a query/cover letter?

How can I get my name known?

Should I make parts of my manuscript in different fonts?

What makes a beautiful flower arrangment?

How can I keep my city litter-free?

How can I put a picture in my auction ad?

How can I write on-line auction ads?

How can I decide the best way to distribute gifts?

How secure am I?

What can I give my secretary in observation of Secretaries Day?

How can I prove someone is being cruel to an animal?

Who uses eye protection in sports?

How can I save money on seasonal decorations?

How can I create a dictionary?

Will reading help?

How do I use a geneology site?

What is the Easter legend?

What can I wear for Easter?

How can I hide my own information?

How did Easter get started?

Do restaurants in my area donate food?

How can I get important papers replaced?

Scanners Can Get You Free Items

How can I learn to haggle?

How I can help my child save money?

Why do stores not donate their unusable items?

How can I plan my own Easter egg hunt?

How can I have perfect teeth?

How can I help my teen get his first job?

How do I wake up my mind to writing?

What is the most favorite April Fool´s joke?

When is the best time to place an on-line auction ad?

What is a Taurus child like?

Can I just move my manual text directly online?

Do I need to know HTML to create online help?

What can I do about stress?

How can I make flavored shaved ice at home?

Who pays for student uniforms?

How can I figure out the cost of postage?

How To Save Money Making Your Own Clothes

Are their free dental clinics in my area?

How can I have perfect teeth?

Where can I find Easter crafts?

How can I entertain my guests?

How can I have a free wedding?

How can I entertain my guests?

What does the Easter Seal Society do in your area?

How can I decorate eggs?

How can I tell if a child is being abused?

What can I do to get ideas?

What should I write?

How do I make candy?

Who is Cupid?

What´s the best way to shop for sales?

What´s the difference between a refund and a rebate?

How can I create my own booklet?

How can I enhance my psychic powers?

Who locally owns the oldest currency?

Should I clean my state quarters?

How can I tell someone she can´t borrow from me?

Is Styro-foam still being used?

How Can I Recycle to Save Money?

Where can I find ad templates?

Can I wait and submit on the last day ?

What do I need to check on my manuscripts?

How will I ever get this novel finished?

Why does my family not understand my need to write?

Should I get an Easter pet?

How can I supervise an easter egg hunt?

How can I preserve my family history?

How can I start a coupon club in my area?

How can I create a coupon table at my grocery store?

What is refunding all about?

How can I make my own Easter basket?

Where can I find leftover egg recipes?

Should I submit at the end of the year?

What can I gain or lose by leaving auction feedback?

How can I help my child get onto a baseball team?

What can my kid do this summer for a job?

Do I need to send a bio, even if I haven´t been accepted yet?

How can I keep my teen from smoking?

How can I help my teen with depression or suicidal tendencies?

How can I save money on seasonal presents?

What is a price book and how do I use it?

Where can I find coupons?

How can I identify inhalant abuse?

What are the Easter best sellers?

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