Charity stores in your area

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Are some charities a rip off?

Charity stores in your area

How do the Goodwill/Salvation Army Thrift/Mission stores work? What happens to the items when they are donated? (You might want to donate a week's time to working there to get an inside view.) Do workers take the "good" items home? Do any workers let relatives and friends in on the good donations - and let them cart them out the back door or mark down the price for them at check-out? Do any employees use on-line auctions to make money on their "finds"? Are yard sale leftovers donated on a regular basis? Are trucks available to come pick up the stuff? Does it all make it back to the store?Who determines the "monetary amount" of charitable donation for your taxes? Since these items are donated, why are prices "set" and not allowed to be haggled? Is any price a profit if the item was donated?



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