Scanner policies

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Scanners Can Get You Free Items

Scanner policies

Are register scanners good for the customers? What you need to know when your items are scanned. What is the store policy if your item rings up wrong? Will they give you the product free or just change it to the correct price? Do you have to ask for it free, or do they do it automatically? If you buy 5 identical bars of soap and they each ring up wrong, do you get them all free? What if you have two items not related and they each ring up wrong? What does the store policy dictate? Does the amount of the purchase make a difference? (For instance, over or under $3.) Does the item itself make a difference? (For instance, alcohol or cigarettes.) Why do they make these differences? Do a comparison shopping chart of various stores and their scanner over-ring policies. If an item rings up wrong, does the store change it immediately or does the next customer pay the higher price, too - and maybe doesn't notice. Is this a scanner or a scammer?



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