How To Haggle

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How can I learn to haggle?

How To Haggle

How many times have you been to a garage sale, saw an item you wanted for $5, but didn't buy it because you thought it was too high? In all probability someone else bought that item later for $4 or $3 or less - because they knew to haggle! When you go to garage sales, many items are marked up a little higher so the dealer can haggle (come down a little on the price). Learn to do this and you can save lots of money on items that are already at cheap prices! Just what do you say to haggle? What if the dealer comes back with another price, higher than my price, but lower than the original price? What if the dealer won't haggle! What's the best time to haggle? (Perhaps at the ending time of the sale, but seldom at the beginning!) How much can I lower the price so he won't feel insulted? How can buying a lot of items induce the dealer to lower his price? Interview shoppers and dealers and find out how they feel about haggling and if they do it. What is their success rate and what are their suggestions?



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