How to Put Pictures in Your Auctions

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How can I put a picture in my auction ad?

How to Put Pictures in Your Auctions

This is not only one of the most important subjects of an auction, but also the hardest for a new person to understand. Explain where to get pictures you can use for your ad - scan the picture on the box the item came in, use a digital camera, use a regular camera and scan the finished photo, take a picture from a web site (if permitted), scan the item itself if it's small enough or flat enough, plus any other ways you can conceive. Once you have your picture, the hard part is using the html to place it in your ad and having your picture show up precisely where you want it to - left, right, middle - and the size you want it to be. You could give urls to sites that have picture crunchers or compare photo editors for enhancing the finished photo.



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