Add a Bonus To Your Item

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How can I create a bonus to add to my auction item?

Add a Bonus To Your Item

Explain how to create a bonus to offer with your item for sale. When there are fifteen items of the same kind, how do you make yours stand out? Creative writing of the ad is essential, but another way you can make people bid on your item first, is to offer a bonus. Offer something that costs you little, but adds impact to the item. This can be something related to the item or even an article or e-book you have written about the subject. For instance, if you were selling an unusual Scrabble game that several other people are selling, too, you might offer a free Scrabble dictionary or an e-book you wrote about tricks and strategies of playing the game. If there were four identical items for sale for the same price, wouldn't you choose the one with the extra item for your money? You could think of some creative bonuses for various items or a generic bonus to suggest to your readers. When I was selling CVS stuffed animals, many people bought from me that did not have access to a CVS store (they are mainly in the south). As a bonus, I included a CVS logo bag along with the collectible animal and a Furby-decorated McDonald's bag along with the collectible Furbys. Those free bags added to the value of the collectible.



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