Finding Items To Auction

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Where can I find things to sell at an online auction?

Finding Items To Auction

Where can the average person find items to auction? List wholesale URLS and discount houses where buyers can get great deals. Also, mention mark-downs, garage sales, flea markets, warehouses, auctions, clearances, estate sales, thrift stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. The best place of all is your own home and garage and attic. Offer to clean out garages in exchange for the items inside no longer wanted by the owners. Offer to haul off leftover garage sale items. Use your creative talents and create items to sell - crafts and e-books. Sell collections as a whole or individually. Check the classifieds in the daily paper as well as the little free classified weekly papers. Check with power-sellers and regular auction sellers and ask them where they find their items. Many of them will be glad to offer their expertise for a free mention in your article. Check the auctions to see what other people are selling - see what's "hot" and trendy right now.



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