How To Create Your Own Post Office

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How can I figure out the cost of postage?

How To Create Your Own Post Office

You've sold your item, you've got it packed, now you need to mail it. You've waited in line at the post office for half an hour and now it's your turn at the window. The postmaster says you need this form and that form and do you want it air or express or priority or delivery confirmation or registered? Just how many choices do you have? Choose some standard size packages and list the forms available and what each is used for. Show your reader how to create his own post office at home, what kind of postal scale is best, buying postage on-line and printing it on your own printer, getting your own postmaster certificate, how to order your own forms, boxes, stickers and tapes - absolutely free, including free delivery to your door. How complicated is it to ship overseas and why many sellers won't sell outside the U.S. Is special package wrapping required on overseas shipping or registered shipping? How do you know what to charge the buyer for postage before he purchases from you?



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