Bullets: Verb usage

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How do I start a bullet?

Bullets: Verb usage

If you can, start every bullet with an active verb (for example, "Streamline your collaboration efforts"). Active verbs are powerful, descriptive, and let the reader quickly realize the benefit that he/she can gain. Also, be consistant with your verbs. That means: 1 - use a verb at the beginning of EVERY bullet or none of the bullets, but do not use verbs at the beginning of some and not others; 2 - use the same tense every time, meaning do not use past tense on some and present on others; and 3 - make every verb refer back to the same noun, meaning do not make some verbs refer back to the user (for example, "Increase visibility into the full product lifecycle") and some verbs refer back to the product (for instance, "Provides quick and accurate results").



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