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How can I get my name known?

Articles on the Web

Get your name known on writer's e-zines by submitting articles. These could be about some of the research you did for your book, or about how you stopped procrastinating and finished the novel. Each time you get your name known by more people, you are more likely to have your books bought by those people.

Writers and teachers buy more books than any other professions. Keep your name well known among those two groups.

How can I let people know I am an author?

School Talks

School talks are a great way to market yourself as well as your books. If you set the talk up in advance, you can get copies of your book from the publisher or a local bookseller for autographed copies. Kids love to have authors sign a book just for them. You will often sell more of your books this way, than you will at a bookstore autograph table.

Should I write a story like "Harry Potter"?

Market yourself, not yourself to market

Write what you want to write, not what you think is hot to the market. If you don't have a special interest in the subject, the words will be dull and dry. Don't worry about what is selling best. Write what you love best and find the market for it afterwards.

How can I market my book?


Leave bookmarks with a lively illustrated advertisement for your book, as if they were calling cards. Add a quiz, game or coloring design on the back of the bookmark to create more interest. Be sure to have your web page listed on the bookmark as well.

How can I help get my name known?

Create an Author Web SIte

Word-of-Mouth is the most common way to sell books. By getting your name known, you are more likely to have people recommend your books. Create a web site where people can write to you with questions or comments about your publications. Make sure your books are mentioned in your signature on anything you post to the net. Whenever a new book is published, mention it on the lists that you belong to. The more people know that your books are available, the more they are likely to look for them when going to the bookstore.

If I publish my own book, will they send it to the bookstores?

Beware Vanity Publishers

Although some authors will self-publish their books, for most it is not a good option. Vanity Publishers do none of the marketing to get your book to the booksellers. Vantity Publishers are printers only. You are responsible for all expenses, risks and responsibilities for distributing your books.

Should I send a letter back to the editor?

Save your reputation-hold that tongue

On writer lists, people love to rip apart the editor that just sent them a rejection. It is a way to vent frustration and blow off steam. But be careful. Never badmouth an editor by name, or send a letter telling the editor why they were mistaken. Editors, like most professions, talk to one another. A bad reputation with one editor can follow you to many different publishers.

Will conferences help me to sell my books?


Most conferences will have a table for participating authors to display their books. Take advantage of this, and add a flier or a bookmark that attendees can take with them that tells where the books can be bought.

If you can, offer a workshop at a conference. Not only will this get your name better known, but it will allow you to have your books sold as a conference leader in the bookshop area. Remember, if they liked your workshop, they are likely to remember your name and buy your books.

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