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What´s the perfect gift?

Christmas - What To Buy For The Unusual Person

You always have to buy certain gifts for certain people that you just don't know what you can get! Help! What are some good gifts you could buy for your preacher/head of church or other church members, fellow employees, the grands or great-grands that tend to already have everything they want or could buy anything they wanted, the grands and great-grands who need everything and you still don't know what to get, the teacher's at your child's school, dance teachers or other teachers, the boss, and other hard-to-buy for people on your list. Suggest some unusual gifts to buy or make for the occasion. Are some things tasteful and some not? Which are which? Is there any one good-for-everyone gift you could keep on hand for those unexpected times?

How can I encourage more fun at work?

Fun At Work Day

The first Thursday in April has been designated as International Fun At Work Day. The website at gives you tons of information on how to make a workplace a funplace to work. You'll find many article ideas here. How many businesses in your area know about this practice and participate? Do local companies promote any fun ideas to encourage employee comradery?

What´s a Santa business?

Christmas - The Business of Santa

Someone in your area who runs a Santa business. The making of the suit. The worst kid he's ever met! The best parties he's attended. Is there a Mrs. Claus? Is Santa a man? What's the average price for Santa's services and what are those services? The funniest kids he's met. The most unusual gifts he's been asked to bring.

How can humor reduce stress?

National Humor Month

April has been designated National Humor Month. How can humor relieve or reduce stress? Subscriptions in print or on-line for humor magazines or newsletters. Can a joke a day keep the doctor away? Interview people for their favorite jokes.

How can I make watermelon designs?

Watermelon designs

It's getting to be watermelon time! How to carve
watermelon baskets, boats and other designs. How to
make melon balls as you're making your designs.

What can I do with my wedding guests?

Wedding - Places to board guests

Scheduling places to stay for the guests that come from out of town or out of state. Procuring the rooms, finding the right hotel or motel, who pays for what, how long will they stay? Making reservations in relatives' and friends' homes. Who will stay where? What about those who bring unmarried partners? Even with today's open standards, some still disapprove of unmarried partners staying together. How to avoid this problem. Can you get discounts if you reserve several rooms? What if someone cancels at the last minute? What are your options? What attractions are in your area that your guests might want to check out while visiting? Making an itinerary for them.

How can I plan my honeymoon?

Wedding - the honeymoon

Don't forget the honeymoon -- how to schedule, plan and pack for the happy occasion. Should you use a rental car? Who should know where you are. Collecting honeymoon memories for the years to come. Who is paying for the honeymoon? Will you start the marriage in debt? How much money will you need? How not to overspend.

How do you treat diabetes?

National Diabetes Month

How do you know you have diabetes? What are the symptoms? How is it treated? Are their age limits? The newest treatments. How does one learn to give oneself shots? How special diets and special foods can help the diabetic. What foods are best?

Where I can find a place to participate in karaoke?

National Karaoke Week

The fourth week in April is National Karaoke Week. How does karaoke help with self-esteem, appearing in front of a crowd, stress release and confidence? Where can you enjoy karaoke in your area? Who can participate? Can you bring your own songs? Are there contests? What's the average cost of your own karaoke machine? Have any local karaoke singers gone on to higher aspirations?

How did you meet your someone special?

How I Met My Someone Special

Interview with well-knowns in your area about how they met their spouse - what tips can they give about courting and keeping that someone special?

How can I have a free wedding?

Wedding - how to have a free wedding

How to have a $5,000+ wedding for free. How to get "sponsors" in your city to pay for your wedding by distributing their names (logos) and advertising on your favors, cake, rental car, brochures, flowers, etc. for the guests.

Can I be my own wedding coordinator?

Wedding - be your own coordinator

Do you need a wedding coordinator? Not! Why pay someone upwards of $500 for something you can orchestrate yourself? Just be sure you start early in the plans, and you can do it. From scheduling of the church, to the favors, and the rental car. It's all a matter of making a list and planning ahead.

What kind of license plates are available in my state?

First License Plates Issued

On April 25, 1901, New York was the first state to require license plates on cars. How many kinds of license plates are available in your state and how much extra do they cost? The popularity of personalized tags and the price. Are people who have personalized tags more apt to be honest since their tag may be readily remembered?

How can I keep my customers loyal?

Customer Loyalty

April is International Customer Loyalty Month. How can you get customers to come back again and again? Is there anything to do if a customer is unsatisfied? Do stores really care if you are a satisfied customer or not? Are they concerned at all that they may lose your business or do they feel there are plenty others that will make up for it? An inspiring web page can be found at

How can I learn to play the drums?

International Drum Month

How to make your own drums. Other than being used in a band, are there other uses for drums? What's the price of drums today? Do you take drum lessons - or does it come naturally? Are there some people who just can't play the drums? What are drums made of? Anyone in your city have any old drums or a collection? Is there someone in your city who has a collection of drumsticks? Do many people have their drumsticks monogrammed? Are drumsticks plain or designed? What are the most popular drums in the school band?

Is it proper to clean my flag?

First Flag

On April 4, 1818, Congress approved the first flag of the United States. Who in your area owns the oldest flag? How can you tell if it's genuine? How old is your state flag? Who owns the oldest flag? Can the flag be cleaned? Should it be cleaned? Should it be repaired?

Who can carry a gun in my city?

Pistol Packing

On March 5, 1836, Samuel Colt received a patent for his pistol. What kind of pistol (or gun) is most popular for keeping in the home? Are locks available? Will you have time to unlock it if you need it? What are the laws in your area? Are they enforced? How many people have been shot in your area in the past year ... and how many were accidents? What is your community's stance on this controversial subject?

How can I plan a Civil War Reenactment?

Civil War Reenactments

Civil War Reenactments abound in June. Go behind the scenes and find out how such a reenactment is brought together. Are costumes bought or made? Antiques used in the event. From how far away do participants come and how many events are they participants? Is this a "career" of sorts for some? The oldest possessions used. How they don't let "up-to-date" items slip in.

When was the first bicycle invented?

First Bicycle Introduced

On May 21, 1819, the first bicycle was introduced in New York. Did it get the recognition and excitement of the Segway? Did people expect the bicycle to "catch on" or dismiss it as a fad? Who has the oldest bicycle in your state or city? When is a bicycle too old to be reconditioned? How do you measure a bicycle to fit a kid or grown-up? How can you tell if it "fits"? Accessories for bicycles and mandatory items. Are there bicycle laws in your city or state? What are they and are they enforced? Make a quiz of the bicycle laws - how many can you get right? How many are ridiculous laws?

How can I have a wedding online?

Wedding - create an online wedding

How to construct your wedding online -- everything is available online (you might even want to include the bride or groom -- through a dating service). Has anyone been married via modem yet? Maybe you have a first here! You can give links to find everything. There are online companies to order invitations with step-by-step instructions -- and you can see the end result before you place your order. Finding favors, cakes, bridal gowns - it's all there! You should find plenty of URLs to fill a booklet -- the sell the booklet, not just an article!

What can I give my secretary in observation of Secretaries Day?

Professional Secretaries Week

The last full week of April is Professional Secretaries' Week. The Wednesday of that day is Professional Secretaries' Day. What are bosses in your area doing for their secretaries? Are any getting the day off? Flowers? Candy? Are any secretaries expecting something special from the boss?

What can I do about stress?

Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month. What is stress and how can we control it? Can stress be dangerous? How many ways are there to control stress and what seems to work best? Why does stress not seem to bother some people?

What can I do about epilepsy?

Epilepsy Awareness Month

What do you do if someone around you has a seizure? How would you know that's what it was? Is a cure in the future? Is one born with epilepsy or can it come later? What causes it? Is there a support group in your area? When does it mean and what help can it offer?

How can I have a great barbecue?

Barbecue ideas

Barbecues for the summer! Collect some great barbecue
recipes from the barbecue champs in your area. Other than beef, pork and chicken, what else is barbecued? The how-tos of preparing for the barbecue. What's involved in having a block party barbecue and inviting the neighbors? Who pays for what and how is it arranged?

How can I use pecans in crafts?

National Pecan Month

April is National Pecan Month. A booklet or article of pecan recipes. Are pecans nutritional or just fattening? Can they be frozen? What is the best way to preserve pecans? Can pecans help lower cholesterol? What kinds of crafts can be made with pecan shells?

How can I make my own wedding gown?

Wedding - the gown and accessories

How to make your own bridal veil or bouquets or personal items to hand down to the next generations. If you don't plan to hand down your wedding dress, what are the options? Was it rented? Was it handmade for you? Should you donate it? What is the best way to preserve it for your daughter? How to keep it white. Specialty items you can handmake - like the garter, veil, or corsages. Instructions and patterns that are easy to do.

How can I fix a zipper?

Zip It Up

On April 29, 1913, the zipper was patented by Gideon Sundback. Was it originally used for clothing? When were zippers used for luggage, wallets or purses? And, now for plastic bags! What other uses can you think of for using a zipper? Can zippers be repaired or do they have to be totally replaced?

What makes a beautiful flower arrangment?

Flower arrangements --

Whether you're giving flowers for Valentine's Day or have received them -- how do you arrange them for a beautiful look? Are there any special tools needed? What can you do other than just plopping them into a vase?

Where can I find a place to get married?

Wedding - Choosing a place to marry

Unusual places for a wedding -- be it traditional church or courthouse justice of the peace -- or the unusual skydiving, roller-coaster, or skating -- you name it. What hasn't been done that can be incorporated into your wedding? Coinciding with a hobby or favorite passion. Who in your area has had an unusual wedding? What enticed them to make that choice? How did their guests react?

How do I live with an alcoholic?

Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. What is being done in your community to put alcohol abuse in the spotlight? How do you know you're an alcoholic? How can you get someone else to admit that they are? Is it true -- once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic? How do you live with an alcoholic? Can you? What are your choices? How to get the strength to make those choices.

How can I preserve flowers?

After the flowers --

You received fresh flowers for Valentine's Day - what can you do with them to preserve them forever? What are the techniques of "pressing" flowers? What other ways are there to preserve them?

Why should I learn sign language?

Sign Language

On April 15, 1817, the first U.S. school for the deaf opened. Sign language we already know ... and sign language we should all learn. Why should people learn sign language? How sign language can save your life when you are in a situation when you cannot speak (accident, under water, sickness, out of earshot ...). Recommend books, local courses, or online sites.

Should I hire a photographer for my wedding?

Wedding - photography

Should you video tape, have stills, digital, Polaroid, or do it all? How many people should be taking pictures? What's the cost of having cameras sprinkled around the room for guests to take pictures? Just how expensive can this get? Average prices in your area. Since your wedding is a one-time thing (let's hope), should you be safe with a professional or go with a friend or student photographer? Can you save money -- or will it cost you more in the long run? Standard poses for weddings. How to keep those treasures in perfect shape. How to handle (or charge) guests who want copies.

How can I include those who can´t come to the wedding?

Wedding - for those that couldn't come

How to make a special wedding newsletter. Include pictures, BIOS of the bride and groom, a small family tree, stories of the proposal and acceptance, stories of memorable moments, especially for those who could not attend. Include candid shots and funny moments. How to save this newsletter for years to come - perhaps, lamination. What other ways can you preserve them? This could also make a great thank you note.

What are some great photo ideas for our wedding?

Wedding - great photo tips!

What kind of photos do you want? Think ahead of the shots you'd like to have. If you use a professional, the photographer will have some shots already in mind, but if you use a friend or student, you might need to know some ideas on your own. Don't forget shots of your wedding attendants and guests. The "traditional" photos of the bride and groom and wedding party, close up shots of hands, double image photos, the "getaway" car. Photos before the wedding as the bride and groom prepare for the big event - photos of the baker making the cake, the happy couple picking out the rings, or the couple making favors for the guests.

What does it cost to raise a dog?

Dog Licensing

March 8, 1894, the first state law for licensing dogs was established in New York. What are the laws in your state? Are there many court cases on the dockets for dog bites or dog-related cases? What are the leash laws in your area? Why are there no leash laws for cats? Why do some people get a cat and turn it loose in the yard to run free in the neighborhood? Are there any cat cases on the dockets? Are cats required to get rabies shots just as dogs are? What is the average cost to raise a dog?

How can I uninvite children to my wedding?

Wedding - no children allowed

How to tell parents their children can't attend! If children do attend, how do you keep them quiet during the ceremony? How to get the word out without offending anyone. Suggest clever wordage in the invitations. How to make the guest feel welcome, but without the children. What to do if children do come? How to handle a crying baby! What if the children get out of hand? Using tact and diplomacy so your wedding isn't ruined.

Who should I invite to the wedding?

Wedding - the guest list

How to whittle down the guest list -- or how to pump it up! Who to ask and who not to? Do people feel "let down" or "offended" if not asked to the wedding? Do some feel like, "I gotta get them something, but I don't want to go. Now I have to buy something to wear that's expensive, and I can't wear it anywhere else!" The pros and cons of attending a wedding and how this affects your guest list. This could make a good opinion poll.

What´s it like being Santa?

Christmas - A Really Good Santa

What constitutes a really good Santa? A really good Santa suit? Or is it personality or his ho-ho-ho? How many stores in your area have a Santa for the kids? Where did he get his suit? What's it like being Santa? Interview a seasoned Santa - he'll have many stories to tell! And be sure to interview a newbie Santa - he'll have a whole different view of being a Santa! Tips on being Santa!

How can I create a dictionary?

First Dictionary

On April 14, 1828, Noah Webster's Dictionary was first published. What kinds of dictionaries are available now? Unusual dictionaries. Dictionaries for specific purposes - for instance, puzzle creators, writers, medical terminology, and others. Online dictionaries as well as library and book store dictionaries or those found at auction sites could be mentioned. Could you write a dictionary? How are they compiled? Creating a dictionary such as Snigglets - a dictionary of made-up words. What kind of dictionary could you compile and sell?

Is poetry a good seller?

Poets in your city

March 6, 1806, is the birthdate of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Although she is well-known, how many times do you see a book of poetry on the top ten list of best-sellers? Is there a poet's society or club in your area? Are there any famous poets in your area? What's the difference between poetry, sonnets, and jingles? Is there someone in your area who writes greeting cards? How do you submit them to publishers and how well does it pay?

How do I make candy?

Valentine Candy

Candy is the one thing that immediately comes to mind on Valentine's Day. Create some mouth-watering candy recipes for Valentine giving.

What can I do to help an Alzheimer´s patient?

National Alzheimer's Disease Month

How many people can't say it correctly? What you can do to help someone who has an Alzheimer's patient in the family. How volunteering to relieve a patient's sitter for just a few hours can be an enormous relief. Incidents when caring for a patient can get scary. The heartbreaking decision of placing a patient in a home or hospital - facts to help make that decision easier. How there's more to it than just some memory loss. How to handle various situations with the patient when he or she has a period of memory loss. Labeling cabinets, reminder notes - ways to make things easier.

How safe is my city playground equipment?

Playground Safety

Nineteen states have proclaimed National Playground Safety Week the last week of April. How many injuries are playground related in your area? How safe is your local playground equipment? How old is your equipment? What is the procedure to get new playground equipment? How many parks do you have that provide playground equipment? What keeps the city or country from being sued from injuries? What about your home playground equipment?

What can I do with safety pins?

Safety Pins

On April 10, 1849, safety pins were patented by Joseph Hunt. How did they differ from today? Someone in your area who creates art with safety pins. Dresses, gowns, lamp shades, and other objects made solely of safety pins. What simple crafts can kids do with safety pins? Can the safety pin be improved upon? Perhaps 101 (or more) uses for safety pins? How "safe" are safety pins?

How can I keep flowers fresh?

Keeping Flowers Fresh

You've received (or are giving) beautiful live flowers for Valentine's Day. How long will they last? What can you do to keep them looking fresh and vibrant? Interview various florists for tips and tricks to keeping your flowers at their best.

What is the most favorite April Fool´s joke?

April Fool's Day

Memories of teacher's in your community of students who have played pranks in school. Teachers who have played pranks on their students. How did April Fool's Day get started and how did it become a national holiday? Do magic stores and novelty stores or sites tend to do more business during this time of year? What are their best sellers?

How can I meet someone new?

Finding Someone Special

Valentine's Day is nearing -- and you have no special someone -- or you'd like a different special someone. What can you do? How can you meet someone new? Where can you meet him or her? What are "safe" places?

How can I make unusual candies?

Unusual Candies for Valentines

Give directions on making your own chocolate covered cherries, your own candies on a stick, molded candies in unusual shapes - also give your readers some places to buy unusual candy boxes for packing your candy for gift-giving.

How can I prove someone is being cruel to an animal?

Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

April is The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month and exists to promote humane principles, prevent cruelty, and alleviate fear, pain, and suffering in animals. Are there court cases in your area that relate to animal cruelty? How did the courts rule? Cite cases in your area of animal cruelty and how it was alleviated. What can people in your community do to personally prevent animal cruelty? Even if it is reported, how is it proven? How much proof do you need?

How can I cure boredom?

Anti-Boredom Month

July is Anti-Boredom Month - what causes boredom? How to keep from getting bored. Is boredom the sign of something more complicated? Ways to cure boredom.(

How can I take care of my lawn?

National Lawn and Garden Month

April is National Lawn and Garden Month. What should you be doing right now to ensure a beautiful garden and lawn through the year? If you start cutting grass now, will you just be starting your chores early? How to make your lawn the grass that's greener on the other side. Tips for starting a lawn care service. What's the average cost of getting your lawn mowed? When was the last time you saw teenagers mowing lawns? Is this too dangerous for younger children? How to keep your lawn equipment in tip top shape.

How can I celebrate St. Patrick´s Day?

St. Patrick's Day

March 17 is St. Patrick's Day. How can you make your dinner or your party foods green? Why do people serve green beer? Are there any clover patches in your area ... and what are the odds of finding a 4-leaf clover? Is there anywhere nearby you can buy a 4-leaf clover? Can you make your own Blarney stone? What about a pot of gold? Is there a scientific way to make your own rainbow? Are there any celebrations going on in your area?

Is there a Gay and Lesbian Parade day in your area?

Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade

June is the month for the annual Gay and Lesbian Pride
Parade and Rally in Chicago. Is it celebrated in your area? If so, when and where will it be held? About how many participate? How is it received by the locals?

Is their an equal pay scale in my area?

Equal Pay Day

April 5, 1988, is National Equal Pay Day. Is there equal pay in your area? How do jobs stack up in equal pay? Cite various jobs and their pay scale for both men and women. Are they the same? If not, find out why not. Include manager positions, government positions, entry level positions -- any position is fair game.

When is National Child Abuse Prevention Month?

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month -- The NEC Foundation endorses the month of April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The NEC Foundation produces an annual child abuse prevention month kit which includes public awareness project ideas, public relations information, promotional materials and community involvement suggestions. More information that will give you lots of article ideas can be found at

What are the Girl Scouts doing in my area?

Girl Scouts Founded

On March 12, 1912, in Georgia, the Girl Scouts was founded. What are your local troops doing to celebrate? Are there any boys in your Girl Scout troops? What kinds of activities do your Girl Scouts do today? How have the uniform styles changed over the years? What are the qualifications to become a Girl Scout or a leader?

Who is Cupid?

The Cupid Thing

Just who is this Cupid guy and how did he get started representing Valentine's Day? Why does he shoot those little arrows?

How can I have a cheap wedding that doesn´t look cheap?

Wedding - on a budget

How to have a wedding on a tiny budget -- just a few friends and family. Making the food yourself, creating invitations on the computer, decorating the living room or yard, how to cut corners but have a great memorable wedding.

How can I have a free wedding?

Wedding - how to have a free wedding

How to have a $5,000+ wedding for free. How to get "sponsors" in your city to pay for your wedding by distributing their names (logos) and advertising on your favors, cake, rental car, brochures, flowers, etc. for the guests.

What are nickels really made of?

First U.S. Nickels

On May 16, 1866, the first U.S. nickels were issued. Who has the oldest nickel in your locality? What are old nickels worth? Should you hang on to your buffalo nickel? What are nickels really made of? How popular are nickels to collectors? How have they changed over the years? Are any new designs slated for the coming years? Are there any nickel collectors in your city?

Are their free dental clinics in my area?

Free Dental Clinics

On April 8, 1795, the first dental clinic for the poor incorporated in New York City. Are there any free clinics in your area for dental or medical purposes? What are the qualifications? What kind of services do they provide? Are they totally free or are charges involved? How is the payment program set up?

How does shoplifiting affect Christmas profits?

Christmas - Shoplifting

Is Christmas the busiest time of the year for shoplifting? What should clerks watch for? How up-to-date are the shoplifting deterants in your city? What are the various ways of detection? Cameras inside manequins, detectors inside a sealed package of walkie-talkies, bar code sensors, clothes sensors, store detectives ... just to name a few.

Who celebrates the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell Birthday

March 3, 1847, is the birthday of Alexander Graham Bell. He died on August 2, 1922. Bell invented other items, as well as the telephone. Is your local phone company celebrating in any way? What about any other phone related companies? How can you make a simple telephone for kids to learn the basics of this science? Remember the two cans and a string? What other crafts are associated with this inventor?

How can I enter a watermelon spitting contest?

Watermelon spitting contests

Watermelon seed spitting contests in your area. What kinds of seeds are the best for spitting? (Big ones, little ones, white ones, etc.) How many seeds are available in the average size watermelon? What are the contest rules? Who holds the record in your city? Who hold the Guinness record? The state record? What are the tricks to spitting the farthest? What do they aim at? Any of the contestants do any seed tricks? Are there any age limits to entering the contest? Who has been the youngest winner -- the oldest?

What are some holiday turkey tips?

Turkey Tips

Buying and preparing your holiday turkey - safe ways to thaw the bird, recipes for cooking it, using leftovers for something more than sandwiches. Cook two birds - one sliced and one whole (for eating later and decoration) with the sliced one around it. This way your Thanksgiving table will look beautiful, even after the guests start eating. When your guests begin to eat, it won't ruin the "picture" of a scrumptious turkey. Of course, you eventually slice the other bird when the sliced one is gone. Make up your own turkey tips or interview chefs in your city. How do restaurants cook so many birds for such large crowds?

How can I tell if my child is autistic?

National Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month. What is your community doing to promote this awareness? Interview parents of an autistic child -- how does the public react when they are out? Do they go out much with the autistic child? Are they quiet or outgoing? What should you look for if you suspect your child might be autistic? How early can you tell? Older children or adults with autism. Who takes care of them? Is it curable or treatable?

What gifts can I give to my wedding party?

Wedding - gifts for the wedding party

Creative gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. What to get, how much to spend, when to give them. Thinking of some unusual gifts that will entice a lasting memory of your wedding. What can be engraved, embroidered or printed to last a lifetime?

What kind of wedding present can I give?

Wedding - presents

Creative presents for the new couple. Forget toasters and mixers -- what's something different and usable? White elephants you still have from your wedding (and can't get rid of). Using computers in bridal registries -- how the couple shops for their gifts and how the guests can use the computer (at the stores) to find the perfect gift they know the couple needs. Suggest some unusual but practical gifts. The presents every bride gets too many of (toasters, wine glasses or mixers.) What to do with the excess - can you return it?

How should I write thank you notes to my wedding guests?

Wedding - the organization

How to keep everything organized -- keeping a book with all your to do's and checklists. Sending out Thank You notes without forgetting anyone. Creating the perfect things to say -- perhaps a favorite quote or original thank you saying. Be sure to include several in case people who are close compare notes -- and they will! You won't want them all to say the same thing. Give sample thank you writings.

What kinds of presents can I give for Father´s Day?

Father's Day presents

June hosts Father's Day. Crafts and ideas for presents
for Father's Day. Unusual gifts and gifts that last forever for father. Kinds of coupons you can make on the computer to give father. Remembering fathers no longer with us.

How can I tell if a watermelon is ripe enough?

Planting watermelon seeds

How to plant watermelon seeds or preserve them for next year's planting. What time of year is the best to plant the seeds? How long does it take a watermelon to grow? How to pick out a ripe watermelon - how does thumping it tell you if it's ripe? What sound do you listen for? What color should you look for? Any special markings? Which is more flavorful - the seedless or the seeded? The yellow or the red? What is the proper way to cut a watermelon?

How can I create my own poetry?

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. How do you write a poem? What is the difference in poetry, rhyming, rapping, jingles or limericks? How using a beat is important. Where can you find poetry or rhyming dictionaries in book stores or on-line? How you can create poetry to be handed down through the generations.

How can I make my own wedding decorations?

Wedding - decorating instructions

Decorations for the wedding -- making your own. How to construct wreaths, paper flowers, and all the traditional decorations. Easy instructions -- maybe even an ebook! Don't forget miniature candy wrappers, miniature bubble bottle wrappers, anything to do with favors that needs printing. Personalized thank you notes along with a picture of the bride and groom - make your instructions easy to follow!

Is coffee in the morning really necessary?

Coffee Mill Patent

On April 6, 1829, the coffee mill patent was granted to J. Carrington. What is the favorite in your community - instant, freeze-dried, perked, grinding your own coffee beans ... various kinds of coffees available. A taste test may be in order using various brands and creations. What is the percentage of coffee drinkers vs. non-coffee drinkers in your area? For those who don't drink coffee, what is their morning beverage of choice? Do people complain of symptoms if they don't have their morning coffee? Which coffee has the least caffeine? The most?

How can I teach my child math?

Mathematics Education Month

April is Mathematics Education Month. You could start with a little math test with a grading level. Or use tests actually given at your local schools with various grade levels. Can you pass the test? What if you can't? What can you do about it? How is math used in everyday life? Can you grocery shop without doing math? Where else does math come in handy? What level of math should children know by certain ages? What can you do at home to encourage learning better math skills?

How can I make my own gift tags?

Christmas - Make Your Own Gift Tags

Variations and unusual name tags you can make yourself either on the computer or by hand. Give patterns or ideas - stickers or hangtags - using tiny stuffed animals or objects like sleds or snowflakes.

Is Styro-foam still being used?

Has Lack of Styro-foam Made A Difference?

On November 1, 1990, the McDonald's Corporation announced the ending of foam packaging of their products. Have other companies followed suit? It's been 10 years since this major change in a major company. Has it made a difference to the environment? Have people noticed?

How can I bake beans?

Baked Bean Month

National Baked Bean Month - A great time for baked bean recipes! Preparing beans for the recipe - soak them the night before or just boil them - can you use them dry for baking? Baked beans as a main course. What kinds of beans are best baked? Are there any that you can't bake? Create a baked bean cookbook/booklet and sell it or use it for giveaway advertising.(

When do we celebrate taking our daughters to work day?

Take Our Daughters To Work Day

The fourth Thursday in April has been designated Take Our Daughters To Work Day. Are there any businesses in your area who recognized and participate in this day? What do the girls do at work all day? Are they put to work or just observe? Does visiting tend to make them want to carry on in their relative's work?

How can I give my pet first aid?

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Would you know what to do if your parakeet injured his leg? What if your dog got stung by a bee? What if your cat got in a fight? What kinds of first aid can you administer and when do you need a doctor? What to pack in a pet first aid kit. Are there pet first aid courses available in your area? Can you give mouth-to-mouth to pets?

What happens to a shoplifter?

Christmas - Shoplifting attention

How are clerks trained to handle shoplifters? How many times have you heard a door beeper at a department store go off and no one so much as looked up? What happens after the alleged shoplifter has been apprehended? Is there ever a case where the store allows the perpetrator to go free? What would those circumstances be? What are the consequences for first-time shoplifters? What about repeat offenders?

How can I find a fortune in old typewriters?

June is the typewriter anniversary

June 23, 1868, is the anniversary of the first US typewriter patented by Luther Sholes. Does someone in your area collect typewriters? Are old typewriters worth any money now that computers have taken over? Who has the oldest typewriter in your area? Are typewriters still used in any offices in your
area? What are some average prices of old typewriters and what are they going for at thrift stores and garage sales? Are there some expensive ones you should be on the look out for? How much would it cost to mail one?

How can I protect my eyesight?

Women's Eye Health and Safety Month

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month. How does age, the sun and other factors affect women's eye health? How dark should your sunglasses be? Is it possible to have them too dark? Is it okay to read in dim lighting or is that a myth? How can we protect our sight? Does eating carrots really help? Is there anything we can do to naturally improve our eyesight? What causes us to see blurry?

Is Valentine´s Day a popular proposal day?

Proposing on Valentine's Day

How many people in your area plan to propose on Valentine's Day? (You might want to run a classified for potential proposals.) Do engagement rings (or wedding rings) sales go up in February? What are some wacky proposal plans from potential grooms (or brides!)?

How should I decide on a guestbook?

Wedding - the guestbook

Creating a great guestbook -- assigning someone to be in charge of getting all the signatures. Various books available. How to design your own guestbook. How big should it be. What should it include? Giving a favor (a wedding flower, perhaps) to each guest as they sign the book.

How can I display my wedding photos?

Wedding - more photography

What to do with all those pictures! Making special scrapbooks. How to save the favors, invitations, and special collector's memorabilia. Who gets copies of the pictures and how do you charge for them? (Or do you?) If so, how do you let people know what's available? What about the videos? Creating the finished video -- how to edit it into a spectacular memory. How much will these various things cost? How to protect your video for years to come. Can videos be "retouched"? How to protect your marriage license. Framing the photos and making a pleasing display.

How can I afford a wedding?

Wedding - money traditions

Just what does the bride (or her parents) pay for? Traditionally, who pays for what -- and at what points can you trash tradition? How to lay out the limits of prices. What if "her" parents can't pay for a big wedding? Where can the money come from? Do the groom's parents put forth anything? How to budget a wedding. How to have a big wedding on a shoestring - the ties that bind!

Why would I want to fly?

Aviation History Month

November is Aviation History Month - Where can you take flying lessons? How much do they cost and how long does it take to learn to fly? Do you need a learner's permit? Do you get a special license? Do people look forward to getting their first plane like they're eager to get their first car? What is the age limit (if any)to learn to fly? In what kind of plane to you learn to fly? What are some advantages in learning to fly?

How do I save my wedding cake?

Wedding - the cake

How to save the top of the wedding cake -- correct procedures so it'll taste as good on that first anniversary. What's the best kind of cake to use? How should it be wrapped? How should it be thawed? How long can it be frozen? How much room should it take in the freezer? Should anything be removed before freezing? Will it show freezer burn? Can you save just a slice or piece of the cake?

How can I have a gorgeous wedding on a budget?

Wedding -

Bridal showers/weddings on a budget. Where to buy your favors, decorations, etc., at the best prices. How to use auctions to supply your whole wedding. Retailers and URLs to supply you with the best bargains. How to make your own favors and decorations. Bargain places for craft supplies and patterns.

How many marriages take place on Valentine´s Day?

Valentine's Day Weddings

How many people are obtaining marriage licenses in order to wed on Valentine's Day? How many weddings have taken place on Valentine's Day in your area? Any advantages or disadvantages for this day?

How much is money worth now?

Paper Currency

On March 10, 1862, the U.S. issued its first paper currency. Do any local coin dealers have any of this first currency? Who has the oldest money for sale ... or not for sale? Can you still find money in change that might bring some extra value? Give some examples of old money people may have lying around around the house and what it might be worth. Are silver certificates worth more than a dollar? How many silver certificate denominations were there and what are their values now?

Can I get designer lenses without a prescription?

Bifocals Invented

On May 23, 1785, Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocal glasses. Did he use actual glass? What other items did Franklin invent? Are bifocals on their way out due to updated methods or surgeries? How have they changed over the years? Who is the youngest child in your area to wear bifocals. How does wearing glasses at school affect the student? How do the new campaigns of "are you lucky enough to wear glasses?" effect the younger generation? The various designs of contact lenses available and how many young people wear these designs for the fun of it with no prescription. Is this dangerous to the eyes?

Who locally owns the oldest currency?

U.S. Mint Anniversary

April 2, 1792 earmarks the anniversary of the U.S. Mint. Do any of your local coin collections, private or commercial, own any antiquated money? Who owns the oldest piece of currency?

What is a Taurus child like?

Taurus The Bull

April 20-May 20 designates Taurus The Bull in the zodiac. What kind of personal traits are attributed to this sign? What if you were born on the cusp? If your child's projected birthdate is April 15, for instance, but he is not born until April 21, does this make a difference in his "real" sign? Do a general description of a Taurus child. What is a good sign for a Taurus child to mate? Do like signs get along well?

Who uses eye protection in sports?

Sports Eye Safety Month

April is Sports Eye Safety Month. What sports already require eye safety protection and which ones do not? Where can this protection be obtained? What if you wear glasses? Can you still participate in all sports? Eye injuries that have occurred in sports in your area. First aid to the eye injury. Why do people suggest using a raw steak on a black eye? Is eye protection promoted in your area?

What are some good watermelon recipes?

Watermelon recipes

Various recipes using watermelon, from slushes to salads. Should you use red watermelon or yellow watermelon for the recipes? The correct way to "clean" a watermelon of its seeds.

What are Christmas smells?

Christmas - Smells

It's not just the lights and the decorations that's a part of Christmas, but it's also the smells! What smells can you add to your house to make it seem more like Christmas -- and add to the memories? Where can you find these smells? Is there a store that sells cedar fragrance or could you just get some cedar branches and place them in strategic places? What about the smell of oranges or peppermints? How many and what kinds of smells are attributed to Christmas?

When can people take their pets to work with them?

Take Your Pet To Work Week

June hosts "Take Your Pet To Work Week." Is this
celebrated in your area? What kinds of pets are taken to work? Does it disrupt the workplace? Is this a standard practice each year for the company? How do the customers react? Is this something other companies might begin?

How can I make my own boxes?

Unusual boxes for Valentine's Day

Whether it's for candy, flowers or other gifts, you need a box for your treasures. Show your readers how to make fancy boxes to suit every occasion - how to score the boxes, how to size the boxes, what you need to keep the boxes together, tools you need to cut the boxes, and how to decorate the boxes.

How can I keep my city litter-free?

Keep America Beautiful Month

What is your community doing to keep your neck of the woods beautiful? Are sections of roads kept clean by certain organizations or groups in your area? Who donates time to each section of roads? Are they doing it? Is it litter free? What are the laws in your state about litter and is it enforced? Is there a Litter Officer? What does s/he do? How many litter cases ever reach court level? What are the punishments or fines? Does anyone do jail time for littering? Are there some streets or sections in your area that really need cleaning? What can be done about it? Is the property owner responsible or is it a community problem?

How does aluminum affect our health?

Aluminum business

A patent was granted to C.M. Hall on April 2, 1889 for aluminum. How has aluminum changed our lives? Is it fading out or becoming more useful? How does it affect our health?

What is condensed milk?

May is the month of Condensed Milk

On May 14, 1851, a patent was granted to Gail Borden for commercial condensed milk. Recipes that use condensed milk. Just what is "condensed" milk and what makes it special? Can you make your own condensed milk? What is the difference between regular milk, condensed milk, and sweetened condensed milk? How long will condensed milk keep? What are some uses for condensed milk? What other things have been invented by women?

How can I console a child with no father?

Children with no Father in the house

How to console children that have no fathers to share
on Father's Day. How to talk to you child about the absence of the father in the household.

How do I create a New Year´s Eve party?

New Year's Eve - How To Hold A Party

How to plan for a New Year's Eve party - from decorations to food to invitations. What about fireworks? Games, activities, baby-sitters, inside or outside? Making your own decorations. How to decorate. How to protect the furniture. Cleaning up afterward!

What specialties can I make for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Cakes

Exceptional cakes for Thanksgiving. Simple directions for making Turkey cakes (use some 3-D imagination here), pilgrim cakes, the Mayflower cake - let your imagination go! If you have an idea, it can be made into a cake! And don't forget the cupcakes - an Easter egg pan can be made into a football. Pecans in their shells can become tiny footballs. A doll cake can become a Pilgrim girl. Are your local bakery shops preparing for Thanksgiving cakes? Show what your bakers are cooking up! Work on several original cake ideas now, take pictures, create recipes and put them all into an e-book for sale beginning this year and forever after - updating when necessary. You could even add cake decorating tips and suppliers or sell the supplies yourself.

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