How do I keep my readers engrossed?

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How do I keep my readers engrossed?

Never make a sentence too long. The human eye needs to rest frequently, so a sentence should rarely be over three lines of the page. It is more dramatic to use short sentences if you are writing thrilling action. The shortness and succinct sentence writing is a fantastic tool employed by writers; Agatha Christie used a special structure of gradually decreasing sentence length throughout a paragraph, which encouraged the reader to subconsciously read faster: when the reader's eye was trained to read as fast as humanly possible, she would stop the action dead, similar to a climax in a movie when the music stops suddenly before the big finale, and this technique would make the reader yearn to read more. Write to lure your readers in! If it interests you, it will interest someone else, so always keep it interesting. Finally, always keep the reader guessing and asking questions. The ideal achievement you can have is by making the reader not want to stop reading for a second.



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