Charity money rip-off

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How is my donated money used?

Charity money rip-off

You've donated a prize or your hard-earned money to a local charity. Now what? How many charitable organizations celebrate the ending of the charity drive - and how is it celebrated? Do they use those donated prizes as door prizes at their celebration? Is the donated money used to fund their celebration? Did the businesses who donated the prizes know their prize was going to the fund-raisers or did they think it would be sold or auctioned off for money toward the charity? Talk to the low-end volunteers as well as the ones in charge. You may get two different stories. What kinds of records do they keep to show where the money is going? Can you publish these records? If not, why? Is it public record? Exactly what have they done with the past year's collected money? Who are the people in charge? How much are they paid? What do they do?



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