Double Coupons

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Where can I double coupons?

Double Coupons

What stores in your area offer double coupons? If there are none, why not? How do store managers feel about double coupons and how can they make money from this? What are the limitations of double coupons? What is the reasoning behind only allowing customers to double coupons up to 50 cents or up to 75 cents? Do any stores double the entire face of the coupon? What if the coupon itself says, "not subject to doubling". Will they double it anyway? Should this be the decision of the store? How do stores get repaid for those coupons? Can you buy a can of Del Monte and use a Green Giant coupon? Is that why they're scanned in or does the scanner take it anyway? How many customers in your area use only a few coupons and how many (generally) use a handful. What are their average savings?



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