Keeping A Price Notebook

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What is a price book and how do I use it?

Keeping A Price Notebook

A price notebook? What's that? It's a small notebook you can keep handy to take with you to the grocery store or retail store or produce market. In it, you keep a chart of the foods and brands you buy most often. Next to each food, you (in chart form) have the name of the store at the top, then column where you put prices. Today you go to Winn-Dixie and buy Sunbeam bread and Ball Park Weiners and milk. The next time you go to Albertson's, you check the Sunbeam bread, Ball Park weiners and milk. You jot down the prices each time. As your list grows, your chart grows and before long you'll know who has the best prices and where. Sale prices do not count - you'll check them in sale papers. This way, you can always get the best items for less. Create a chart that people can tear out and use or one that will give them their own ideas.



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