Tips on Wrapping Your Items

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How can I find free packing materials?

Tips on Wrapping Your Items

Tips to make your packing easier and cheaper - where to get free boxes for wrapping (post office for free priority, for instance) or (stores for free brown boxes of all size and shapes). Most stores will cheerfully give you all the boxes you can carry. Find out what days are stocking days and trash pick-up days and time your pick-ups. Find out which stores in your area throw away bubble wrap and styro-foam peanuts for packing. This is very expensive stuff, but many stores throw it away after unpacking. Find URLs for your readers to order packing materials cheaply (don't forget to check auctioneers who sell on a regular basis). Free tape? The post office will supply you with free priority tape. After Christmas is a good time for clear tape clearance sales. Offer your readers tips on packing and labeling - how to make your own labels, put clear tape over the address so it won't smear during a rain storm, create your own logo for your labels and business cards, kinds of boxes you cannot use (ask for post office brochure), and using wadded up paper or shredded paper for packing. How many tips can you create?



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